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  • Stark Spaceship (Destruction)
  • Animen Space Craft

Synopsis for 1st story

Due to her treatment with Marchand Serums being temporary fixes, an ailing Jessica (Spider-Woman) is aided by Carol (Captain Marvel) during a raid on the moon of Counter-Earth in search of Herbert Wyndham, the High Evolutionary, the only other person with the knowledge to possibly cure Jessica. Finding an old computer, a partial translation leads the duo to "Scav City" in search of Sphinxor; all while Carol repeatedly offers her own resources to help, which Jess repeatedly refuses. Entering the Scav City pub, Carol updates Jess on the blood tests Linda took of her, while Jessica physically intimidates people in an attempt to gain more information about the location of Sphinxor. After figuring out where he is and attaining coordinates to set a course to, Tony Stark calls Jessica to check in to check on his spaceship, as Jess previously promised to "probably" not blow it up.

However, at that same time, Counter-Earth space defenses shoot the ship down. Carol flies Jessica down to a temple where they are greeted by its keepers, who reveal that the High Evolutionary previously returned to the temple by their summons but then departed to parts unknown immediately after. After Carol asks for a spacecraft, Jess grows sickly and demands more formula from a defiant Carol. The two return to Earth after Carol is called back for an imminent event, forcing an agitated Jess to part ways and find people with connections to clone-makers and serum developers— the likely contacts for Wyndham to collaborate with. Going slightly off-world, Jess finds a possible new lead to Wyndham, but after ignoring another call from Carol she looks up into the sky to see dragons, realizing that the threat the Avengers were facing had begun.

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• After learning some startling secrets about her family, Jess goes on a mission to find the one person who might know more…the High Evolutionary!

• But to do that, she’s going to have to go into space. And to do that, she’s going to need her good friend…


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