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Jess help Luke Cage and Danny Rand escort people in the streets to shelter as Knull's invasion commences, but they focus derails when they find Clint is present due to his dating Linda Carter. Refocusing on the invasion, nobody can touch a Symbiote dragon except Jess and Iron Fist due to their energy abilities. Carol called on them for backup to focus on the creatures in their area, as Carol is needed to go around and fight the overwhelming force of symbiote monsters. Jess takes some of Linda's injections of Marchand serum for a boost despite other objections, and overwhelms the dragon as her venom blast is poisonous to the creature. Jess loses herself in a berserker rage attacking the dragon's corpse until Carol has to pull her away, escalating into a brawl. With Jess blaming Carol for losing her lead to Wyndham, ignoring Carol actual help and offering resources, Danny steps in to fight Jess until Carol takes the opportunity to stun her.

Called back into action, Carol leaves Jess in Linda's Clinic basement kept in a Hulk Tank until the serum wears off. After Carol shatters the last vial of serum, Jess rages out of her shackles, but being unable to break the glass instead derides Carol's want of and inability to have children; hurting her friend deeply. Remembering Jess' words that it wasn't safe to be around her loved ones, Carol sees now that she was right, so she and the others take their leave with the intent to release Jess after her serum high quells and Knull is defeated. After going through the early stages of withdraw, Jess is surprised to see Octavia Vermis alive and offering to help due to their having "more in common" than originally believed.

Solicit Synopsis

• Abandoned by her friends, there’s only one person who comes to Jess’ aid…Octavia Vermis!

• She’s got a cure for Jessica, and the prescription is: Crime!

• Under the cover of the Knull invasion, Spider-Woman is stealing elements of a cure to her condition…OR IS SHE?

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