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Quote1.png You should have trusted me. Carol should have trusted me. Quote2.png
Spider-Woman (Jess Drew)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Jess bursts out of the Hulk Tank to take from Octavia Vermis a sample of the Marchand serum, as Octavia states that Jess' mind has been faltering since she began using the serum. Using Jess's need for a cure, and capitalizing on her declining mental state, Octavia proposes a co-op to find her cure, and convinces Jess by promising Hydra agents to beat up. At a previously unknown Hydra warehouse, Jess and Octavia battle Hydra goons inside who hate Octavia (ignorant of Jess) for betraying Hydra, but ultimately get a supply of the Latrodectus Aeternum Spiders. Next they reach the American Museum of Natural History already Venomized to brutally rob a disillusioned Stegron, and take a biological agent he had been developing. Octavia drops Jess off at the final stop, a Stark safehouse for the Avengers to use, where after getting inside she has to contend with Rhodey who realizes that Carol's warning about Jess was correct. Upon finding Jess stealing data from a server, Rhodey is furious at Jess for doing what she's doing while the Avengers are out trying to save the world, but Jess still belligerently fights her way to escape in desperation. She tells Rhodey to relay to Carol not come after her before meeting Octavia outside, warning her not to cross her; but Octavia also wants to avoid what can happen to her if she should fail, but is not fearful of Jess. Arriving at a secret volcano lair, they are greeted surprisingly by Octavia's daughter, Ophellia, but also Jess finally meets Herbert Wyndham, the High Evolutionary, surrounded by an army of Miriam Drew clones.

Solicit Synopsis


• As the cure comes in sight, SPIDER-WOMAN puts it all on the line…then she crosses it.

• With friends like OCTAVIA VERMIS, who needs enemies? Not Jessica Drew, but it looks like she’s getting them anyways.

• Even if Spider-Woman can find the cure, what will there be left to save?


  • When entering the Avengers safe house, Jess' entry ID is 2-1-Zed-1-9-7-7 which is an easter egg to her debut date of February 10th, 1977.
  • Coincidentally, February 10th, 1977 is ALSO writer Karla Pacheco's birthday.

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