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Spider-Women Alpha Vol 1 1
Spider-Women Alpha Vol 1 1 TextlessTextless
Spider-Women Alpha Vol 1 1 Action Figure VariantAction Figure Variant
Spider-Women Alpha Vol 1 1 Campbell Connecting Variant ACampbell Connecting Variant A

Spider-Women Alpha Vol 1 1 Campbell Connecting Variant A TextlessCampbell Connecting Variant A Textless
Spider-Women Alpha Vol 1 1 Lee VariantLee Variant
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Spider-Gwen Annual #1
(Gwen's Story)
Silk Vol 2 #6
(Cindy's Story)
Spider-Woman Vol 6 #5
(Jess' Story)

Quote1 Off-planet? Honestly, that works for me right now. Quote2
-- Cindy Moon

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The Spider-Event of 2016 is here, bringing SPIDER-GWEN, SILK and SPIDER-WOMAN together for a story too big for any one of their books! Spider-Woman is taking a mentor-role with Silk and Spider-Gwen, and the three spider-heroes take a brunch break on Gwen’s Earth-65. But when the nefarious spy organization S.I.L.K. and their leader (Earth-65’s Cindy Moon) notice the interdimensional interlopers, all of Jessica Drew’s plans go wrong.


Spider-Women Alpha Vol 1 1, Spider-Gwen Vol 2 7, Silk Vol 2 7, and Spider-Woman Vol 6 6 Campbell Connecting Variants Textless

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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