Spider-Zero was a young woman with spider-powers. Following the destruction of her universe during the Incursion,[1] she travelled the Multiverse so much that she no longer considered her original reality, or any reality for that matter, as her home. After the Patternmaker recreated the Web of Life and Destiny, Spider-Zero fulfilled the role of the Master Weaver.[2]

After the Patternmaker went missing and the Web of Life and Destiny became corrupted, Spider-Zero recruited Spider-Man to help her find Annie.[2]

After Miles retrieved the Spider Idol statue from The Spider-Man and also recruited a number of other Spider-heroes, they found out that a tangled node was formed in the Web and had trapped Spiderling. Out of pain and fear the tangle summoned the Machine Bem Monsters of Earth-51778 in order to fend off the Spiders. Spider-Zero tried to use her powers to undo the tangle while Miles saved Spiderling, but Spider-Zero started being haunted by the memories of her original reality. Miles was able to get Spider-Zero out of this state, after she was successful in undoing the tangle. In the aftermath all of the spiders returned to each respective reality, while Spider-Zero remained at the Web.[1]

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