The Spider was a notorious outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier, and was wanted in both the United States and Mexico for his various crimes. He was apprehended by the Mexican authorities in the town of Los Pintos with the assistance of the masked hero known as the Black Rider. Sentenced to be executed by a firing squad, one of the Spider's men had infiltrated the authorities and by chance ended up with the only loaded bullet and replaced it with a blank.

Feigning death, the Spider emerged from his grave before he could be buried and killed the men charged with the task of disposing his corpse. Seeking revenge, the Spider then reunited with his gang and used the mystique of his survival to strike fear into people as he went on a blaze of death and destruction all the way into the state of Texas, branding a spider-shaped insignia on his victims along the way to Leadville to get revenge against the Black Rider. As news of his survival spread, people began to believe that the Spider came back from the dead. Learning of the Spider's survival, the Black Rider rode back to Los Pintos and learned the truth and returned to Leadville and rallied the locals to defend their home. When the Spider and his gang stormed the town, the Black Rider had a fire lit around the town to pen in the outlaws, most were slain or captured and the Spider, attempting to flee the Black Rider was chased into the flames and appeared to die in the flames[1].

Surviving and clinging to life, the Spider fled to Ghost Canyon Cliffs just outside of Leadville where he was found by an old Manidan medicine man who took him into the long abandoned caves where his people once lived and nursed the Spider back to health, the villain recovered with only the loss of some of his vision. Preparing to resume his revenge against the Black Rider, the Spider was discovered by young Bobby Lathrop, the only person in town who knew the Black Rider's double identity and chased the boy away. Happening upon the Black Rider, the hero began investigating the boys strange encounter unaware that the man the boy ran into was his old foe. Meanwhile, the Spider resumed his revenge killings and liberated the last of his gang in the town of Fiesta, killing those who refused to join him and leaving his mark on them. Called to the jail in Fiesta in his alter ego of Dr. Matthew Masters, the Black Rider examined the bodies and found the Spider's mark on them. Suddenly the Spider and his men attacked the town, but his minions were gunned down. The Spider fled back to his hideout with the Black Rider on his trail. The two fought it out on the cliffs, the Spider telling the Black Rider how he survived. In the course of the battle the Spider lunged at the Black Rider, but the hero dodged out of the way and the Spider fell over the side of the cliff and fell to his death, ending his reign of terror once and for all[2]


The Spider rode a horse


The Spider carried six guns

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