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Spider Bracelet[1]
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The Spider Bracelet is the source of powers for Takuya Yamashiro, the Spider-Man of Earth-51778. Given to him by a dying alien named Garia, the bracelet houses the Spider Protector suit and spare mask for Takuya when his is removed without permission. The bracelet vanishes when not in use and acts as a multi-purpose tool for detecting mines, identifying extraterrestrials, unlocking doors, reflecting lasers, remote viewing, controlling homing devices as well Spider Machine GP-7 and Leopardon. It also acts as Takuya's Web-Shooters, dispensing Spider Strings and Spider Net through button or voice command.[1]


  • No toy version of the Spider Bracelet was ever made during the run of the show's airing, while related products and manga adaptations omitted the bracelet altogether. Moreover, a lighter version of the Spider Bracelet prop was built specifically for action scenes, since the one used in close shots was too heavy for the suit actor to wear during stunts.

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