The so-called Spider God was a massive spider that was worshiped by a tribe of head-hunters on Jaffa Island in Africa. The giant spider and its worshipers were discovered by jungle adventurer Cliff Mason in 1954. The tribe attacked Mason, who was held them off with his guns. Unable to match such weapons, the head-hunters unleashed their Spider God to attack Mason. Mason was unable to kill the beast with bullets but managed to knock it out by throwing his empty pistol at the spider, striking it in the head.[1]

Cliff was soon captured by the tribe, who thought their god to be dead and wanted revenge by burning him at the stake. Knowing that the spider was only knocked out, Cliff tricked them into thinking that he resurrected the spider by commanding it to rise. When the creature woke up, Cliff was freed. However, one of the tribesmen saw through Cliff's deception and attempted to kill him with a spear. Instead of hitting Cliff, the hunter hit the spider, killing it. The tribe instantly lashed out at the hunter, chasing him off a cliff, which the tribe also fell off to their doom.[1]


The spider was apparently bulletproof over the majority of its body.


The spider's head apparently wasn't as durable as the rest of its body as a blow to the head easily knocked it out.

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