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The Spider Men were a giant race of spider-like aliens, a race of conquerors. They didn't need highways or roads, nor spaceships. Spider Men went everywhere via the webs they created. For interstellar travel, the webs were projected at faster-than-light speeds. The Spider Men chose Earth as their first conquest and chose a town in New Mexico for a test run.

With the web they encircled and covered the town, and trapped it's inhabitants within. The web they created was stronger than steel so the citizens were unable to cut through it with axes. It was electrically charged and therefore the web blocked radio waves, preventing the town from calling for help. Bullets had no affect on the Spider-Men, so the residents were unable to fight back.

Tim Johnson, a teenage sci-fi fan and comic book reader, figured out how to defeat the Spider Men. He ran to the hardware store and came out with a large container strapped to his back. Tim then fired a large blast of DDT at Rorgg the king of the Spider Men. Who soon couldn't breathe and got weaker, after which he collapsed unconscious. In fear of that weapon, the rest of the Spider Men retreated and left Earth.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Creating and projecting webs (that are stronger than steel and have an electrical charge)[1]

Average Strength Level

Superhuman strength and durability[1]



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