Spider Raymond is a gangster and club owner active in New York City during the first half of the 20th Century. He bought dangerous Nitramene devices from Leet Brannis that were stolen from Howard Stark. His notoriety as a fence made him a suspect of the SSR, who were looking for Stark after he failed to appear before the Senate. A team of SSR agents led by Agent Jack Thompson arrived at Spider Raymond's club, but Agent Peggy Carter, who was secretly trying to clear her friend Howard Stark's name, infiltrated the club earlier. Disguised as a blonde American woman, she sweet-talked Raymond's bodyguards to get into his office and began seducing him. Spider Raymond was forward, and went in for a kiss when one of his guards barged into his office. However, the chemical agents in Agent Carter's lipstick caused him to pass out, giving her the time she needed to get into his safe and retrieve the Nitramene device. Once he came to, he found his safe pilfered, and a green suited assassin had Spider Raymond killed.[1]

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