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The Spider Society is a secret society that was started in Castile in 1099 A.D., for the purpose of worshiping totemic spider deities.[1] Over the years, the Spider Society used Hunters to fight the Sisterhood of the Wasp. The Hunters are part of a long bloodline.

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WebCorps, a company founded by Ezekiel Sims, is based at 200 John Street, Manhattan, New York City, and is a front for the Spider Society. It is a shell company inside another shell company, inside an offshore private company incorporated in Brazil by three guys whose death certificates read one year earlier than the certificate of incorporation.


The Hunters are warriors chosen by the Spirit of the Hunter, and are often marked by a spider-shaped tattoo that imbues them with spider-like abilities. Jessica Drew once worked as a Hunter for the Spider Society, and Ezekiel Sims served as a Hunter up until his death.[2] Anya Corazon was believed to have been chosen as a Hunter following her late mother, Sophia Corazon, but this proved to be untrue and Anya passed the power of the Hunter to its true receptacle, Nina Smith.[3] Due to her possessing the power of the Hunter and her membership in the Spider Society, Anya was able to understand the language of the Spider-Totems.[4]



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