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Quote1 Do you think I am a man? Do you think you can bring me back from this? Even if you did... could you ever look at me again without thinking about this monster I became? Quote2

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What event led to Peter Parker becoming Spiders-Man on Earth-11580? toggle section
On Earth-11580, Peter Parker became Spiders-Man following a chain of events that started when Uncle Ben was sent to Earth-616. This event was predicted by the Temporal Observation Agency of the Year 2211. Peter's transformation into Spiders-Man led him to attack his world's heroes.
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How does Spiders-Man differ from the traditional Spider-Man character? toggle section
Spiders-Man from Earth-11580 is a unique take on the traditional Spider-Man character. Unlike the classic Spider-Man, who is a human named Peter Parker bitten by a radioactive spider, Spiders-Man is a normal spider that was bitten by a radioactive human and mutated into a humanoid form. This Spider-Man achieved great success in his native Earth, even marrying a supermodel and franchising a cartoon, comic book, and action figures based on his likeness. Despite these differences, Spiders-Man seems to possess similar powers and abilities to the traditional Spider-Man, including superhuman strength, reflexes, and senses, as well as the ability to stick to any surface. However, his origin story and personal life significantly set him apart from the traditional Spider-Man we all know and love.
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What is the significance of the 'hive-mind construct' in Spiders-Man's origin? toggle section
In the universe of Spiders-Man (Earth-11580), the hive-mind construct plays a significant role in his origin story. Unlike the traditional Spider-Man we know, Spiders-Man is linked to a hive-mind, which allows him to connect with others in a unique way. This hive-mind connection is a result of a mutation that gave him the lower body of a giant spider and the ability to produce red organic webbing. This webbing connects his mind to those he cocoons in it, creating a shared consciousness or 'hive-mind'. This unique ability sets him apart from other versions of Spider-Man across different universes, making him a truly unique character in the Marvel universe.
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What role does Max Modell play in the creation of Spiders-Man? toggle section
Max Modell plays a pivotal role in the creation of Spiders-Man on Earth-11580. As a scientist and the head of Horizon Labs, he invites promising students Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy to tour his cutting-edge company. During this tour, he showcases an experiment involving a massive colony of spiders being bombarded with radioactive particles for genetic alteration. Peter Parker accidentally falls into this colony and is devoured by the spiders. However, in the process, the spiders absorb Parker's consciousness and become a singular hive-mind construct, thus giving birth to the character known as Spiders-Man.
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Why is Spiders-Man often referred to as the 'grey spider man'? toggle section
Spiders-Man from Earth-11580, also known as the 'grey spider man', is often referred to this way due to his unique appearance. Unlike other versions of Spider-Man, Spiders-Man's suit is not the traditional red and blue, but rather a darker, grey color. This distinct look sets him apart from other Spider-Men across the multiverse, earning him the nickname 'grey spider man'. It's important to note that this is not a reference to his personality or demeanor, but purely his visual aesthetic.
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The Incident[]

Peter Parker was once a promising young student, invited by Max Modell alongside his best friend, Gwen Stacy, to tour his bleeding-edge company at Horizon Labs. One of the experiments the pair observed was a massive colony of spiders Modell was bombarding with numerous radioactive particles in the name of genetic alteration. Parker fell into the colony, where he was seemingly devoured- but in the process, the spiders became a singular hive-mind construct that absorbed Parker's consciousness. Masquerading as the man they absorbed, the hive, calling itself Spiders-Man, put on a costume and began to fight crime in "Cruel York".

Goblin Night[]

The Goblin Queen's servants took to the skies of Cruel York, bombing and kidnapping random citizens. When The Green Goblin grabbed at Gwen, he was interrupted by the timely arrival of Spiders-Man. While Spiders were focused on a trio of Goblins in front of them, they were attacked from behind by Jack O'Lantern, who slashed open the back of Spiders-Man's costume, but was surprised when a horde of spiders burst out, overwhelming the villain, crawling up his mask and decapitating him - to the terror of his allies, forcing them to retreat. Having seen everything, Gwen approached Spiders-Man, still believing that Peter could be saved, trying to convince him that their work at Horizon could still change him back, but Spiders turned her away, warning her that it was too late for him to be anything other than a monster and that she should keep away from him, before disappearing into a nearby alley, leaving only his discarded costume behind.[2]


When the Superior Spider-Man of Earth-616 went on a universe-jumping quest to gather allies to kill the returned Inheritors, his ally Octavia Otto eyed for recruitment different Spider-Men from across the Multiverse which could make fitting allies. Spiders-Man was recruited into the Superior Spider-Army at a point in which they had begun to develop a particular taste for human flesh, though they tried to conceal it from their newfound allies. He was approached by the Spider-Man of Earth-44145 to conspire to seal the Inheritors on Prime Marvel Universe, leaving that world to die, but preventing them from threatening the rest of the Multiverse; an idea Spiders-Man appeared open to.[1]

Spiders-Man (Earth-11580) from Superior Spider-Man Vol 2 9 002

Spying on Otto and Emma

When Spider-Nor-Man was having a discussion with Superior Spider-Man, both he and Spiders-Man decided to leave the group, with Norman saying he would return to his world and find a solution. When they both left, they were teleported to the Web of Life and Destiny. There, Norman explained he saw it when holding a Cosmic Cube. Spiders-Man found Karn's corpse and feasted on it. Norman decided to destroy the Web of Life and Destiny to trap the Inheritors on Earth-616, but not before Spiders-Man spread his spiders throughout different realities across the Multiverse.[3]

Superior Spider-Man[]

Spiders-Man was next seen in the Prime Marvel Universe spying on Otto and Emma Hernandez while they were getting intimate with each other. Spiders-Man went back to Spider-Nor-Man to report his observation on Otto in order to exact their revenge on him.[4] When Otto was talking to Max Modell Spiders-Man attacked them and tried to leave this Earth, but Otto managed to capture one of the spiders. Through torture Spiders-Man spilled everything about Norman's plan.[5] After that Norman and Spiders-Man began attacking Otto's friends and allies,[6] but were defeated after Otto returned to his Doctor Octopus persona, and used the Spider-Bots to kill several of Spiders-Man's spiders.[7]

End of the Spider-Verse[]

Spiders-Man returned to Earth-44145 with Norman and, when Oscorp Tower was attacked by two of Shathra's Hive, Norman had Spiders-Man hold the others off. Spiders-Man barely lasted a moment before being disintegrated by the Spider-Biodroid of Earth-9221, but bought Norman enough time to transport a fragment of the Web of Life and Destiny to Earth-616 before blowing up Oscorp Tower to sacrifice himself and kill the invaders.[8] It is revealed that they survived and were working with the Peter Parker of Earth-616.[9]



Living Hive of spiders


  • His powers appear to be similar to those of Carl King.

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