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The Spikes are a race of sentient spores that exist in the vastness of space, absorbing cosmic energies from dying stars. Every few generations, Spikes board their ancient ships to travel to new galaxies. Passing near Sakaar, they mysteriously crashed on its surface. Stranded and starving, they went insane and began consuming every living thing they touched. Red King's father eventually found the means to load them back onto their ships and send them into space.


Thinking they were finally free, they instead crashed on Sakaar's moon, where, locked in their ships, they turned to cannibalism.[1] Many years later, they were harnessed by the Red King, sent into areas that threatened to rebel against him and follow the Hulk's rebel army, sacrificing his own people in the progress.[2] After the Hulk confronted the Spikes, he was able to successfully able to fend off their infection, the first being to do so,[3] and then fought them back, allowing his people to escape.[4]


Sensing intelligence within them, he and a few of his Warbound waded into their numbers and made their way, unharmed, to the ship that had brought them to the battlefield, where they found several large Spikes, leaders of their people.[5] Talking with them, Hulk agreed to return them to space in return for their help.[1] Following the fall of the Red King, a battle in which the Spikes proved crucial, Hulk kept his promise, sending the Spikes on Sakaar into space and freeing the Spikes trapped on Sakaar's moon.[6]

Powers and Abilities


Spikes are spawned from a host queen by the millions.

Their unique properties make the Spikes immune to most conventional means of injury. They are dense enough to absorb the force of powerful blows and energy weapons. They are able to process breathable gases for the host in environments where it would otherwise be unable to, e.g., underwater or the vacuum of space.



  • Spikes can control the actions of their hosts to a certain point.
  • All Spikes have the ability to form tendril-like pseudopods.

Average Strength Level

  • Average strength level unknown, though the larger they grow the more weight they can lift.


  • All spikes seem to have a weakness to fire and heat.
  • The Hulk is the only being shown able to resist a Spikes infestation, forcibly expelling the creature, most likely due to his superhumanly advanced regenerative/healing factor.





Same as Earth's


Able to exist in the vacuum of space


Well into the millions


Level of Technology

Superior to Earth's technology

Cultural Traits

Violent, live in swarms

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