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THE INQUISITION, ONE OF THE MOST UNFATHOMABLE MACHINATIONS OF OPPRESSION IN HISTORY, IS BACK IN THIS EXPLOSIVE THRILLER THAT CLEVERLY COMBINES ACTION AND RELIGION. The missions for the agents of the Black Office, a secret offshoot of the Vatican led by Cardinal Marchesi, are getting more and more dangerous. To ensure the protection of the investigator Sofia d’Agostino there is only one solution: find her a guardian angel. Mafia young gun Angelo Costanza gets the unenviable assignment. Cardinal Marchesi’s cell is about to obtain a heretical document that could shake the foundations of the Catholic Church, but the mission turns into carnage. Sofia and Angelo find themselves face to face with a commando tied to an occult branch of the Vatican and the intrepid Sofia, Sister Anna and the bombastic Gina must start chasing the Parsifal relic. The angels must defuse the theological bomb before the Church’s secrets explode into view.

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