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Spiral was a citizen of the island nation called Genosha. The country was caught up in the anti-mutant bigotry that pervaded the world and went so far as to outlaw mutants altogether. There was a vibrant mutant underground that developed after the law, though many others fled the country, Spiral's sister among them. Spiral stayed on the island as she loved Longshot, another mutant. Though she was infatuated with him, he often ignored her for the resistance movement, and his hatred of humans was off-putting. Soon, Spiral met the human politician Lord Scheele, when he entered a mutant bar seeking more information on their subculture. She learned that he sympathized with their plight, and was seeking ways to help them. Though she was still seeing Longshot, and Scheele had a wife and children, the two began an affair, and fell in love.

Soon, however, they were discovered by Longshot, who flew into a rage and murdered Scheele. Spiral knocked Longshot out with a vase, but knowing that the bigotry of her country would never allow her to go free if they discovered the truth, she hauled Longshot and Scheele's body out into the country and then anonymously reported the murder. Subsequently, Longshot was immediately sentenced to death and placed on the reality show of Mojo Adams, where mutants convicted of crimes were hunted down and killed by humans. The X-Men discovered the existence of this program and feared both that Longshot was innocent and the potential impact such open hatred could have on the world. They went to Genosha to discover the truth behind the murder and show, but were soon confronted by Spiral.[citation needed]

She had spotted them when she was at the airport, hoping to join her sister in the United States. Assuming correctly that the X-Men would try to discover everything that had happened, she felt she had to stop them from freeing Longshot or revealing Scheele's true allegiances. She attacked the group, managing to outsmart and overpower most of them until Jean Grey recovered from being knocked unconscious and used her Phoenix powers on Spiral. Spiral finally relented and asked Jean to look into her mind, so that she could see the truth for herself. Later, the X-Men brought Spiral to the US so that she could be free of Genoshan prejudice, but unfortunately some of their misguided teammates did manage to free Longshot, who would go on to ally himself with the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy.[citation needed]


Spiral was later seen into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. and imprisoned in a mutant concentration camp as an experiment and abused resident.[1]



Spiral possessed six arms and the strength and agility to wield weapons in each simultaneously. She also possessed limited psychic defenses, able to sneak up on Jean Grey without being noticed.



Swords, battle axe, billy club, nunchaku, and throwing stars.

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