The Spirit Drinker is a demon originating somewhere within the Shi'ar Empire. To protect themselves, the Shi'ar trapped the Soul Drinker abroad a Shi'ar Battlecruiser and sent it traveling through space with a warning.[1]

The ship crashed on Earth in the Morlock Tunnels beneath Manhattan. The ship was discovered by Morlocks, and Callisto planned to scavenge it for weapons to allow her regain true leadership of the Morlocks from Storm. However, the Morlocks were ambushed by Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers.[2] Unaware of the warning, Deathsrike forced Wolverine to open the ship with his Adamantium claws. After several Reavers, Morlock, and X-Men were drained of their life, the Soul Drinker was defeated by X-Men.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Spirit Drinkers possess several abilities including:

  • Life-Force Absorption: The Spirit Drinker receive their name for their ability to drain the life-force from individuals.
  • Matter Deterioration: The Spirit Drinker can burn through most forms of matter.


Spirit Drinkers have few known weaknesses, but has demonstrated an aversion to:

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