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A thousand or so years ago Spite fought her brother D'Spayre. After losing she was banished to the Crimson Cosmos. She eventually became a servant of Cyttorak while there. She remained trapped there until Juggernaut was sent to the Crimson Cosmos by Onslaught. Cyttorak told her to bring Juggernaut to him so that he could possess his body, then the two of them would leave the Crimson Cosmos. But Spite apparently betrayed him and was seemingly eaten by Cyttorak.[1]

She later showed up in New Mexico where she talked Juggernaut into helping her fight D'Spayre.[2]



Spite is a demon sorceress adept at creating illusions.


Cyttorak imbued her with a tiny fraction of his power, thus allowing her to cast spells calling on his vast power. It's not clear if she still has it after leaving the Crimson Cosmos.


Apparently cannot use her magic to directly harm those with the mark of Zhou'Syn.

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