Spore was a living, thinking super bio weapon created by the Deviants when they were at war with the Eternals back in the prehistoric era. When Spore was created and unleashed, it consumed any living being -Humans, Deviants, or Eternals- it could find.[1]

As he targeted all three Celestials-created species, Spore was deemed an abomination and a threat to the Celestials' schemes and was destroyed by one of them[1] during the Second Host.[2]

Unfortunately Spore's now liquefied remains were absorbed into the soil beneath him when he was killed and his essence survived in the plants that sprouted from the ground allowing him to regenerate and come back to life in the place of his demise now called Tierra Verde. That land was controlled by a drug lord named Felix Guillermo Caridad.[1]

Spore was resurrected through the cocaine that was manufactured from the plants which grew from the soil when Caridad injected himself with a dose of tainted cocaine and was transformed into Spore himself.[1]

The Monster came into conflict with Wolverine and La Bandera leading to a vicious battle, fortunately Spore was eventually defeated when it was touched by a mutant named Sister Salvation and hasn't been seen since then.[3]


Immortality: After having consumed Eternals, Spore acquired their genes for immortality.[1]

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