Spragg and his race were lifeforms that drifted into space over two billion years ago. Eventually, they became trapped on Earth and mixed with the molten core of the planet, evolving into ferociously intelligent and psychic entities, which also happened to be the size of mountains. Spragg was originally an outcast of his race who was forced to the surface of the Earth in Transylvania, where he enslaved the local villagers and forced them to build him a device to boost his powers. A visiting scientist by the name of Bob Robertson figured out how to rid the planet of Spragg, and flung him into space.[1]

Spragg eventually returned and battled with the Mole Man. The conflict would soon attract his original nemesis, an older Bob Robertson, She-Hulk, and several hostile members of Spragg's species. While Spragg initially had the upper hand in the battle, the Mole Man used magma to launch Spragg and the rest of the Hill People back into space.[2][3]

As he hurled through space, Spragg collected rocks from the rings of Jupiter, and used them to create miniature clones of himself.[4] With these clones, Spragg attacked Star Stop Diner, an intergalactic pit stop, in the form of a meteor shower. She-Hulk arrived to once again defeat Spragg, this time by capturing him in a metal net. Parts of the defeated Spragg and his clones were taken in by Star Stop patron Big Enilwen, an alien who had started a rock collection.[5][3]

Maximum Security

After the Kree empire declared the Earth a prison planet, Spragg was one of the villains sent to the planet. Spragg fought, and was defeated by, the New Warriors.[6][3]

Stronger Than Monsters

Spragg was at some point sent to an unnamed other-worldly dimension along with a number of other giant monsters, including Gomdulla. At one point, Lady Sif became stranded in the realm do to the actions of her brother, Heimdall. Sif would go on to easily defeat Spragg and the other monsters before returning to Asgardia.[7]


Spragg has psychic and telekinetic powers; he can also change his shape and take up a semi-humanoid form.


Animate earth and form what he wills.


Move through the Earth


Spragg can theoretically re-shape his body into whatever he wants

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