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Spyre was a planet located in a binary solar system formed by the stars Kor and Kaylo, which was located 44 lightyears away from Earth. The planet was Earth-like and habitable for humans,[1] and it was home to its own alien species, the Spyricans, who were ruled by the Overseer.[2]

The Spyricans prided themselves on being an ideal civilization, using an advanced scanner called the Great Eye to find every inhabitant their perfect match, maintaining peace through that constant state of harmony.[3] When the human scientist Reed Richards used an advanced scanner of his own to locate a planet similar to Earth and found Spyre,[1] the probing alerted the Spyricans, and the Overseer assumed Richards' subsequent exploration to Spyre was going to be an invasion.[4] The Overseer manipulated a storm of cosmic rays that Richards' ship, the Marvel-1, was going to pass through. The increased severity of the storm scuttled the Marvel-1 and caused it to crash back on Earth, but it mutated its tripulants and granted them super-powers, becoming the Fantastic Four.[3] Fearing that the now-powered explorers would return to their mission and pose an actual threat to Spyre, the Overseer began harnessing and manipulating cosmic rays to bestow volunteering Spyricans powers in order to build a line of defense against the Fantastic Four. These efforts resulted in the formation of the Unparalleled, a group of super-powered champions.

However, most Spyricans subjected to cosmic rays were disfigured and turned into monsters. These monsters were banished to Lowtown of Capital City, where they became the Monster Mob ruled by Big King Scrum.[5] Since crime didn't exist in Spyre but the Overseer needed a way to train the Unparalleled and prepare them for the Fantastic Four, he arranged in secret with Big King Scrum a rivalry between both factions, with the Monster Mob regularly attacking Hightown to be fended off by the Unparalleled.[3]

Over a decade after the Marvel-1 crashed, the Fantastic Four decided to complete their first voyage.[1] When they arrived at Spyre aboard the Marvel-2, they were intercepted and attacked by the Unparalleled, but they managed to convince the locals that they meant no harm. Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman were taken to the Overseer while the Human Torch was taken by Sky since the Great Eye had deemed him her soulmate. During the fight, The Thing had been flung into Lowtown,[2] where he befriended Scrum and the Monster Mob after defeating them. The Overseer welcomed the Fantastic Four into their society until Reed deduced that he had been responsible for the severity of the cosmic ray storm that granted him and his team their powers, so he ordered the Unparalleled to kill them.

While Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman were on the run, The Thing convinced the Monster Mob to crawl back from Lowton to reclaim their place in society.[4] The Human Torch joined Sky in assisting the Unparalleled push back the Monster Mob, but the fight came to an abrupt stop when he and The Thing realized they were in each other's opposite side of the rebellion. During the chaos, Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman made their way to the Hall of Heroes, where they recovered evidence of the Overseer's tampering of their original mission and exposed him to the public.[5] Sky turned against the Unparalleled and helped the Fantastic Four fight her team. In the meantime, The Thing and Scrum reached the Tower of Over-Site, where The Thing confronted the Overseer for his role in the creation of the Fantastic Four and his disfigurement into The Thing. The Invisible Woman stopped The Thing from killing the Overseer, but the fight caused the collapse of the building. With the basis of their society lying in ruins as a result of the Fantastic Four's arrival, the entirety of the Spyricans turned against them.[3] After recovering from the collapse, the Overseer challenged Mister Fantastic and they fought until Reed convinced him to instead work together. Reed shared with the Spyricans a temporary cure for cosmic ray mutations just like one The Thing used to become human once every year. Despite this, a portion of Spyricans objected to welcoming the Monster Mob back into their lives.

After helping clean the rubble from the Tower of Over-Site and repairing the Marvel-2, the Fantastic Four returned to Earth in good graces with the Unparalleled and the Overseer. They were joined by Sky, who intended to make her pairing with the Human Torch work.[6]

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