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Hyperion (Mark Milton, former leader, deceased), Hyperion (Impostor from Earth-9997, deceased), Power Princess (Zarda Shelton, deceased) Dr. Spectrum (Joseph Ledger, deceased), Amphibian (Kingsley Rice, deceased), Arcanna (Arcanna Jones, deceased), Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond, deceased) Lady Lark (Linda Lewis, deceased), Whizzer (Stanley Stewart, deceased), Blue Eagle (James Dore Jr., deceased), Foxfire (Olivia Underwood, deceased), Lamprey (Donald McGuiggin, deceased), Skymax (Sk'ym'x, deceased), Golden Archer (Wyatt McDonald, deceased), Tom Thumb (Thomas Thompson, deceased), Redstone (Michael Redstone, deceased), Nuke (Albert Gaines, deceased), Amphibian (Kingsley Rice, deceased), Moonglow (Melissa Hanover, deceased)
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Earth-1121's version of the Squadron Supreme is almost an exact mirror of their Earth-712 incarnation. However, some years after the failure of the Squadron's Utopia Program, the worlds governments dropped a nuclear weapon on the group killing all its active members with the exception of the nearly invulnerable Hyperion.

All the deceased members ended up in the Realm of the Dead and a number of their members have since been seen in Mar-Vell's Paradise, aiding the gathered super-beings in fighting off an invasion by the Kree.

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