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Quote1.png I'd better get back ta Squadron City before I'm missed. Zarda Baby, hope you're dreamin' about me! Quote2.png
Hyperion (Squadron Sinister) (Earth-616)

Appearing in ""Love and Death""

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  • Remnant's Flying Carpet
  • Helicopter

Synopsis for ""Love and Death""

As his new Redeemers teammates Mink, Remnant, and Pinball await him on Remnant's hovering flying carpet, Nighthawk swings down to Master Menace's observatory stronghold that his reformed criminal teammates have led him to, but is quickly caught in a stasis field, part of Master Menace's defenses.

Master Menace brings Nighthawk inside and assumes his presence is an attack, but Nighthawk explains that since he left the Squadron in protest at their Utopia Program, he has been assembling a team to oppose them. When Nighthawk tells Master Menace that he intends to defeat the Squadron, however, Menace is incredulous. He is even more incredulous when Nighthawk suggests he join the Redeemers, saying he works with no one. Duly rebuffed, Nighthawk leaves and tells the others he had no luck. He decides the only way they can defeat the Squadron is by force of numbers, and they agree to use the Power Pyramid Professor Imam gave them to find more recruits for their team.

Back at his stronghold, Master Menace hatches his own plan against the Squadron, by using equipment to reach into an interdimensional void and retrieving the alternate Hyperion from another dimension who had been trapped in the void. He explains how he has been trying to find Thundra, who he fell in love with. Master Menace offers Hyperion a deal - if he helps defeat the Earth-712 Hyperion, Master Menace will find Thundra for him, and Hyperion agrees.

Later, the Hyperion who is native to that world is accompanied by Foxfire to a prison to persuade the warden to take up the Squadron's criminal behavior modification programme. While there, Hyperion sees a large meteor heading right for Earth and flies to stop it. In reality, however, the meteor is a disguised ship containing Master Menace and the Hyperion imposter. Master Menace targets Hyperion with his dimensional interface technology and sends him into the void he rescued the other Hyperion from. The Hyperion imposter exits the meteor and Master Menace detonates it to make it seem like Hyperion destroyed it in mid-air. Foxfire commandeers a helicopter and heads to where Hyperion has landed, where he feigns unconsciousness and then amnesia when he 'wakes up' and finds Power Princess by his bedside.

At a meeting, Power Princess tells the rest of the Squadron that she will oversee Hyperion's recuperation, and take command of the team until he recovers. When she goes back to the imposter's bedside, he takes her flying, and they begin to feel attracted to each other and almost kiss. After finding out where she lives, 'Hyperion' spies on her afterward and is disgusted to see she is married to the physically much older Howard Shelton (as Power Princess does not appreciably age). Later, Power Princess comes into the hospital the imposter in recuperating in, carrying the lifeless Howard in her arms. Howard doesn't recover from the heart attack he has apparently suffered and dies, leaving the Hyperion imposter to comfort Power Princess.

As the imposter spends more and more time with Power Princess, he begins to feel torn between her and Thundra, knowing that if he wants Thundra he has to bring down the Squadron, but if he wants Zarda, he must turn against Master Menace. Lost in his thoughts, he remembers using his powers to suck the air from Howard's lungs, causing the heart attack that killed him. Making up his mind, he heads for Master Menace's stronghold.

Once there, the imposter tells Menace the deal's off and savagely attacks him. Unprepared for the ferocity of this Hyperion's attack, Menace flees using his machine, but unfortunately for him strands himself in the void.

Returning to the Squadron, the imposter attends Howard's funeral, comforting Power Princess, and a week later on a moonlit beach, he and Power Princess kiss.


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