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Synopsis for "Questions of Loyalty"

Following Operation "Long Walk", the Squadron Supreme are granted some rest and recreation time (except for Doctor Spectrum who is still briefing the Joint Chiefs and their staff on Long Walk): the Blur returns to his home to be with his mother; Amphibian is spending time in the dolphin research division in Virginia; Tom Thumb is still traumatized from his event in Africa and is receiving counseling to help him deal with the self-contained capsule experience; and Mark Milton is needed to do some interviews to the press in the aftermath of Long Walk. Emil Burbank, however, is interrogated by General Alexander in regarding to the soldiers' deaths under Burbank's watch in Long Walk and more specifically on his immoral agenda. Burbank is brought before on reviewing his actions in Africa which saw Amphibian's near-death and is seen as a viable asset for his high intelligence in making preemptive battle plans against America's enemies, including the Squadron Supreme themselves if need arise. However, Burbank is let go on a warning if he ever shows his betrayal he would be killed.

Meanwhile, Stanley returns to his home and learns that the events of Long Walk had caused all of his sponsors to boycott him, although his managers claimed to have gotten better sponsors such as Lockheed Martin. Stanley later travels to Chicago to see Nighthawk, who has recently beaten pimp and drug kingpin Leonard Munroe. He approaches Nighthawk's alter ego Kyle Richmond and offers him to join the Squadron Supreme due to needing a member who has the strong mind and skills to shape the team as a definite force for good. But Richmond ultimately declines since he is focused on the goal of crime in Chicago, not the rest of the world.

In Los Angeles, Hyperion is doing his interviews at a hotel. He is then approached by a shady-looking reporter who questions him on the Squadron Supreme's power to easily topple nations and inquire if he would feel the same way if their superpower damages were to be inflicted in America. Stating if it were to immediately happen in L.A., Hyperion then notices the man's voice to be very familiar before being suddenly punched to the ground by the said reporter, who reveals himself to be Michael Redstone.

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