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Synopsis for "Turnabout"

Michael Redstone towers above Hyperion, telling him of his deliberate release and his 'hiring' by his new superiors into attacking the Squadron Supreme and the U.S. in response to their foreign intervention. His conversation is being broadcast live by television in which Zarda and General Alexander are watching this, forcing the former to quickly fly to Los Angeles.

Without warning, Redstone begins to kill nearby bystanders to provoke Hyperion, who then quickly takes Redstone away into orbit in an attempt to suffocate him unconscious. However, Redstone tells Hyperion that he has prepared a nuclear weapon stolen from a Soviet submarine that had sunk in the Norwegian Sea. The bomb will explode if it does not receive a signal from him every 5 minutes. This forces Hyperion to bring Redstone back to Los Angeles, in which Redstone insists Hyperion let himself be beaten to death or the device will be triggered. Redstone then blinds Hyperion with his own Flash Vision and proceeds to savagely beating him. After thrusting Hyperion around, Redstone then focus on killing more people to satisfy his 'patience' for Hyperion to get up. Redstone continues to toy with Hyperion in which he sadistically have an elderly man being punched through by Hyperion before using his Flash Vision to incinerate more bystanders block by block. Fortunately, Zarda finally arrives and badly beats Redstone. Hyperion stopped her from killing him to tell her to take Redstone's nuclear warhead out of Los Angeles. They find the warhead to be inside a van that wasn't damaged during Redstone's massacre in which Zarda carries it into space and is consume by the explosion.

Redstone soon recovers and prepares to resume his battle with Hyperion, but only to find his enemy reinforced by Blur and Nighthawk.


  • This is the final issue of Squadron Supreme and is left on a cliffhanger, in which the full resolution of the story has yet to be resolved.

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