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Quote1.png Sorry to show up so late, sir... Old Soldier, reporting for duty. Quote2.png
The Old Soldier

Appearing in "Power to the People, Part 2: Another Country Heard From..."

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Synopsis for "Power to the People, Part 2: Another Country Heard From..."

In Malibu CA, a fire is destroying houses. A minimum-wage nanny and three unappreciated children are about to die. However, they are suddenly rescued by a mysterious flying armoured man. The nanny passes out, but the children are interviewed by a camera crew, and the story spreads.

At Edwards Air Force Base, Nick Fury, Emil Burbank and Arcanna Jones are working to find out what happened to the Icarus One astronauts. Arcanna is using her powers to keep everyone else on base in a sleepwalking state. Burbank gets the time he needs, and the astronauts are released. They tell the story: on the Moon, the crew found something unearthly. Br Boyer, who had seen a report he wasn't supposed to about the ship that brought Hyperion to Earth years before, noticed a few similarities between the object and Hyperion's ship and insisted they bring it back with them. However, as soon as they got back, everything was quarantined, and the crew, over a few days, begant turning superhuman. As soon as all four were affected, their food was drugged, and they were placed under "suicide watch", while the NSA, who was planning to use them as super-agents as they had used Hyperion years before, scrambled to get a team of handlers together.

In Washington, DC, the Old Soldier has broken into the Pentagon and presents his services to the US Army, who do not have the faintest clue what to do with him.

Meanwhile, we see the identity of the flying armoured man. He is secretly Tucker Ford, 25-year-old billionaire, biotech visionary, maladjusted nerd, mother's boy, an now, one of America's newest heroes.

In Eberhardt, Nebraska, Nell Ruggles has been using her powers to attack Chloe, the girl who escaped her last assault, having kidnapped her and her friends and tied them up in an unknown location.

As Fury is trying to talk the Icarus One astronauts into co0ming with him, we get a run-down of their powers: Jon Mora can turn intangible at will, Peter Boyer can cast energy, Ted Munn has treelike resilience, and Catherine Mora can be on two places at once. Cathy is using her powers to continue an affair with Ted Munn, but she manages to defuse an argument at the same time. Fury's plan is to remain holed up where they are until he can get a bunch of people from the major news networks to come. However, since Arcanna cannot retain her hold on the soldiers for much longer, the astronauts stun their rescuers and run for the perimeter.

As the guards arrive, Fury asks what kept them.

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