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-- Kathy Mora

Appearing in "Power to the People, Part 4: Higher Powers and Lower Orders!"

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Synopsis for "Power to the People, Part 4: Higher Powers and Lower Orders!"

Biogeneral has been sent to the Southwestern Desert to find the Icarus One astronauts. However, instead he finds two dueling monsters. Trying to break up the fight, he is knocked back, and Nick Fury suggests he continue his search.

Fury has his own appointment to keep. He goes to talk to the Old Soldier, but the man cannot say anything pertinent to his origin. Fury suggests a session with Arcanna.

Meanwhile, the Icarus One astronauts have broken into an empty room in a Las Vegas hotel to relax and hide. And plan.

Later, Arcanna gets to sit down with the Old Soldier. He cannot remember anything about his life or his living. But under her guidance, he tells her what he can remember - dying. At Trenton, at Richmond, on the Western Front, at Bastogne, in the 'Nam and in Desert Storm. As Arcanna and Fury are about to write him off as a kook, Emil Burbank comes in, having decided to wear a mask, and presents his theory: that the Old Soldier is an amalgam of the corpses from the Tomb of the Unknowns, the psychic chaff of heroic death and sacrifice that surrounds it, and the spores that empowered the Icarus One astronauts.

In Eberhardt, Nebraska, Nell Ruggles saves a jaywalker from being run over. However, in the process, the car crashes, and the driver is only saved by the arrival of the Blur.

Back in Washington, Burbank goes over Biogeneral's footage of the two monsters, and from lip-reading deduces that they call themselves Mangog and Wolf, Ruler of the Winds. He suggests that they will both have human alter egos, and it is best to wait until they change back and approach them then. Fury asks him why he is wearing a mask, but Burbank avoids the issue and storms out.

Fury returns to his schedule, which includes a meeting with Tucker Ford. Ford wants to sell Fury on the idea of a new base, the "Heliquarters", whose designs he based on the footage of the Helicarrier Fury used to transport the Ultimates with, so many years ago. He offers to pay for it, and Fury looks set to accept, when the Blur runs in, holding the unconscious Nell Ruggles. But as everyone rushes to capture her, Ford draws their attention to the news: the Icarus One astronauts have begun a press conference in Las Vegas...

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