Quote1 First I'll peel off your skin. Then I'll eat your flesh. Then I'll eat your brains. Then I'll swallow your hearts. Quote2
-- Mangog

Appearing in "Power to the People, Part 6: Powered Up!"

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Synopsis for "Power to the People, Part 6: Powered Up!"

The news is out. The Icarus One astronauts, having made their press conference, have disappeared in Las Vegas. The President calls for calm, but the directors of the FBI, CIA, NSA and DHS warn people to remain on the lookout for the "dangerous superhumans". However, Nick Fury calls for calm. He has the astronauts in a hotel room, while Arcanna creates a distraction by leading illusions of the four astronauts around the country in multiple cities at once.

On the Washington ring-road, the Old Soldier brings down a pair of "soldiers" who are preparing to shoot someone in a drive-by.

Elsewhere in Washington, the President, whose advisors can give her no advice, has a meeting with Nick Fury. He asks her for executive pardons for the four astronauts, in exchange for which, they will work for SHIELD. She agrees.

At NLVU, Dr Burbank's experiment on Brian Callahan leads to him turning into Mangog, apparently by accident. He breaks free.

Around the country, Arcanna is apprehended by DHS, and agrees to lead her captors to the real Nick Fury.

Returning to Las Vegas, Nick Fury swears the astronauts in as Agents of SHIELD... just before the DHS soldiers arrive. They accuse Nick Fury of using Arcanna's power to confuse the President, and try to take the astronauts back into custody. However, Mangog bursts into the room, and the soldiers to run for it. Mangog proves immune to Boyer's energy powers, sucks up Jon Mora's gaseous form, and is about to harm Kathy when Ted charges in. In a clash between the two titans, Munn looks about to lose until he uses his roots to suffocate Mangog unconscious.

In the aftermath, DHS agrees to leave the astronauts as they are. Kathy's affair with Ted comes out, and the three vow to hash it out - much to the amusement of Peter Boyer, who saw the whole thing coming. Nick Fury has plans to use the SHIELD superhumans to replace the Squadron Supreme...

... or at least he did, before Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum arrive. They have very definite ideas of who should be saving the world, and it isn't the foolish humans like Nick Fury.

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