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Quote1.png I was wrong... I thought I had the jump on the Myriad... that we had time to collect information on their criminal empire before we attacked. But now, as you can see, we have no time at all. Quote2.png
Nighthawk (Raymond Kane)

Appearing in "Doctor Spectrum: Through The Lens - Part Three of Three"

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Synopsis for "Doctor Spectrum: Through The Lens - Part Three of Three"

Having worked with Toro and Black Bolt to defeat the Myriad troops in the secret underwater base, Doctor Spectrum pauses to consider her next move. She wonders whether she should kill Black Bolt, the man who helped destroy her Earth but also saved her life, even if she would be outnumbered by him and Toro... but the arrival of an Inhuman support troop gives her pause. With this reinforcement, Black Bolt supervises the liberation of the Inhuman prisoners in the base, and the discarding of the heretical machinery the Myriad was using to control their Terrigenesis. The Myriad security guards are shackled and led away, as the Inhumans complain that the alien scientists in the base all evacuated as soon as the base was attacked.

When the support team leaves, Toro makes it clear that, while he is angry at her because she and her friends killed his war friend Namor, Black Bolt wants her to leave so that he can use his powers to destroy the base. Toro also says that Black Bolt has a message: "If you seek answers, they will await you in New Attilan". Deep in thought, Doctor Spectrum leaves.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, at Oracle Tower, a fight has broken out between Nighthawk of the Squadron Supreme and the Nighthawk of this Earth. As they fight in the air, Squadron Nighthawk admits to himself that while he had a low opinion of this world's Nighthawk, he has proved both clever enough to find him, and skilled enough to attack him with an unknown martial arts style. However, Squadron Nighthawk is able to steer the fight back into his office, where Squadron Nighthawk is winded by hitting the floor... and the other Nighthawk is impaled on a hatstand. Nighthawk is horrified as he watches the light go out in his counterpart's eyes... and then he notices something...

A few hours later, Doctor Spectrum arrives in New Attilan. She is greeted by Toro, who compliments her on the changes she made to her mask in the meantime. Doctor Spectrum responds that she chose her original face-covering mask to protect her identity on her Earth - but with her Earth destroyed, she doesn't need to have it anymore. Toro says that he still can't tell if she is good or evil, but after consulting an Inhuman oracle, he is confident that her situation will play out in a fashion that he can live with. Confused, Doctor Spectrum goes to see Black Bolt.

In the New Attilan throneroom, Doctor Spectrum is greeted by Medusa, who will be acting as Black Bolt's interpreter for this meeting. She says that according to Black Bolt, he has no specific reason for saving her. In the brief silence, Doctor Spectrum wonders if she is the victim of a prank, before Medusa explains that he has two theories. The first is that he sensed a similarity between his powers and hers. This confuses her, as she has no Inhuman power, only her power prism.

She admits she has no idea of the origin of the power prism, but she knows that her Kree, in keeping with her universe's more-magical nature, were a race of wizard recluses. Potentially, they could have created the power prism using the skill which, in this world, they put into the Inhumans.

Medusa says her husband has a second theory: he just wanted to save a life in the face of the destruction, even if it seemed futile. As Black Bolt retires, Medusa counsels her: Doctor Spectrum's personality is naturally bright, and compliments her power prism. If she seeks vengeance, she may succeed, but the darkness of her goal would bleed into her personality. Sobered, Doctor Spectrum flies away.

Later, at Oracle Tower, Nighthawk gathers the Squadron Supreme to show them his attacker - who was revealed as a Skrull upon his death. The other Nighthawk was an agent of the Myriad, sent by a traitor - Warrior Woman, who they know has joined the Myriad. Nighthawk wonders what the Myriad's next reprisal against them will be...

Elsewhere, Warrior Woman is working. Using a combination of brute force, natural charisma, and the magic of Modred the Mystic, she has managed to become the leader of the Myriad. With this army, she was able to quietly conquer the nation of Alambra, and remake it as her new stronghold, both futuristic and savage. Of course, some of the Myriad opposed her, so she offered them the chance to face her in an arena. As she beats her opponents to death, she is already plotting her next move...

Solicit Synopsis

• As Doctor Spectrum learns the reason she was rescued from her dying Earth by Black Bolt... even though her hunt for answers takes her to the Inhuman home base and the throne of Medusa herself.

• And in the aftermath of Nighthawk's battle with Kyle Richmond, the Nighthawk, the mystery of who the alien Myriad deepens.

• A mystery that leads to their treacherous ex-teammate Warrior Woman.


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