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The Squadron Supreme of America was a team of superheroes created by the demon Mephisto and programmed by the Power Elite to act as the United States of America's first line of defense, a role that once belonged to the Avengers. Phil Coulson acted as their liaison.[1]

The Squadron Supreme of America first appeared when Phil Coulson promoted them to Thunderbolt Ross as the United States of America's sanctioned superhero team.[2] The Squadron then confronted different radical groups like King Namor's Defenders of the Deep.[3]

When Malekith the Accursed attacked Earth during the War of the Realms, the Squadron Supreme of America were summoned when Frost Giants from the realm of Jotunheim invaded Washington, D.C.. The Squadron routed the invaders out of the American frontier in Lake Erie, and were subsequently sent to Ohio.[1]

The Squadron Supreme of America were summoned to confront Black Panther when he infiltrated Phil Coulson's office at the Pentagon. Before they could apprehend him, Black Panther had Broo teleport him away. As he disappeared, Black Panther stated to the Squadron Supreme that the Avengers weren't their enemies, but would become such if their hand was forced.[4]

Coulson later sold his soul to Mephisto to gain the power of the Pandemonium Cube, a demonic artifact with the power to warp reality itself.[5] Coulson used the Cube to change Earth-616 to Earth-TRN852, a reality where the Avengers never existed and the Squadron Supreme were the world's premiere superhero team.[6] Reality was eventually returned to normal by Blade the Vampire Hunter and his team of Avengers. For his failure, Mephisto trapped Coulson in the Pandemonium Cube. With Coulson's disappearance, the Squadron Supreme fell apart. Blur, Doctor Spectrum, and Power Princess were taken into government custody, Hyperion went to parts unknown, and Nighthawk went off on his own to remake reality back to Earth-TRN852.[5]



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