Quote1.png These heroes you worship are not what they appear to be and you know it! How many times have you seen the Squadron Supreme unleash violence because they enjoyed it? Horrific property damage because that's the only way they know how to win. Constant lethal force on targets in the name of peace, righteousness and the American flag! Earth's Mightiest Scoundrels exert their powers over all of us. They're a group of avengers with nothing to avenge. Quote2.png


The Squadron Supreme of America were the premiere superhero team of Earth. They didn't just operate in the United States but also around the world like when they ensured Latveria had free elections.[2]

However, their international reach could also turned out to be malevolent as they and an army once invaded the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia for their resources. This led to a fight with Canada's Alpha Flight. While most of Alpha Flight's members were killed, Alpha Flight's leader Weapon X managed to kill Hyperion. Upset over this lost, the Squadron hunted for Alpha Flight for two years until Alpha Flight member Sasquatch agreed to sell out Weapon X in exchange for the Squadron freeing the prisoners they took and leaving Canada.[3]

Following a civil war between Hyperion and Nighthawk that split the ranks of the Squadron Supreme, Nighthawk and Blur formed the Secret Squadron in Europe.[4]

When the Masters of Doom attacked different locations across Washington, D.C., the Squadron split up to battle them with the exception of Doctor Spectrum who was forced to fight against Thanos in outer space.[2]

The Squadron eventually reunited in time to deal with a new threat: a new team that popped up called the Avengers. The Squadron Supreme investigated the Avengers and tracked them to Africa where they discovered that the mythical country of Wakanda actually existed, which the Avengers were hiding at. When Wakanda's cloaking field was disabled, the Avengers confronted the Squadron Supreme.[5]

The Squadron and the Avengers fought each other, and the Avengers were able to take out the Squadron with the exception of Nighthawk. By then, Echo and Starbrand had destroyed President Phil Coulson's Pandemonium Cube, the reason Earth-616 had become Earth-TRN852, resulting in reality being returned to normal. The memories of the Squadron Supreme were transferred to their Earth-616 counterpart.[6] What became of the Squadron afterward is unrevealed.



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