Captain Ssrov was a member of the Skrull military apparatus holding the rank of Drop-Captain.

During the Skrulls' secret invasion of Earth, Captain Ssrov led a contingent of ground forces into the populated district of San Francisco. Ssrov believed this operation to be a holy mission in accordance with the Dar'dvan Prophecy. Skrull intelligence had informed Ssrov that San Francisco had a minimal, if not nonexistent, superhuman presence in the city, but this was soon proven erroneous as Ssrov's ground forces were attacked by the X-Men who had only recently relocated to the West Coast. Unprepared for such a show of force, Ssrov ordered his troops to fall back so they could sweep the area with a particle cannon. This tactic failed however as Ssrov's dropship was held in place by the X-Men Colossus and Armour.


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