Sssessthugar was the leader of the hostile oak-like creatures known as the H'ylthri native to the area of K'un-Lun. Human residents of K'un-Lun disliked the aggressive nature of this species and attacked them so that they could dominate and populate the city of K'un-Lun. This angered and caused concern for one of K'un-Lun's greatest warriors Daniel Rand, the Iron Fist. As a result, Rand grew to be somewhat disassociated with certain K'un-Lunans of similar persuasion.

Later, Sssessthugar returned and plotted revenge with co-conspirator Plant Man. The two planned to open a portal to the H'ylthri and infest and overtake the world. When Wolverine investigated, the two defeated the X-Man and eventually brainwashed him with an organic take over of his body. Logan was then used to subdue the Submariner, who was also investigating unusual occurrences taking place at Samuel Smithers' New Jersey home.

An inadvertent blast from Plant Man's gun freed Wolverine from Sssessthugar's control. In a rage, Wolverine killed Sssessthugar and all of his H'ylthri allies with his adamantium claws.[1]


  • Like all H'ylthri, Sssesthugar resembles an oak and appears to have the strength of an oak. By connecting organic plant tissue to humans, he can also syphon their energy as well as control them.

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