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Quote1.png Before you I hold the Staff of Legba, guardian of the eternal crossroads. A right of the Houngan Supreme. One right--among many--that I am certain you know nothing of. I am not the Sorcerer Supreme you are accustomed to matching. I am -- Doctor Voodoo! The Gunner of God -- when I roar the Earth trembles! Quote2.png
Doctor Voodoo[src]

The Staff of Legba is a two-headed mystical weapon granted to the Houngan supreme, the most powerful Voodoo sorcerer.[1]


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Doctor Voodoo was able to channel his power through the staff and knock down Parker Robbins, who at the time was possessed by Dormammu.[2]

The Staff also produces the Language of Null, able to destroy the Orbs of Goqa'xius conjured by Dormammu.[1]

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