Conan snatched this wooden totem from the Footpad of the Elder Gods and used it to defeat Xuthl's demonic Shedu[1].
Inscribed on the staff there was a rune saying "Maxmelle the undead, guardian of the power"[2].
Red Sonja had her men steal the Staff of the Elder Gods from Conan's tent, simply wanting him to fight her in order to win it back, but the Cimmerian told her he cared not if she kept the thing[3].
This sorcerours artifact could hurt Bahkt, and perhaps even kill him[4].
When Simeon was struck by a lightning on his way to the Forest of the Eternal Verities, the Staff turned into a sword[5].
Conan tested the sword against a band of scavengers, but it was the wrong weight and had no balance, so he left it behind. When he and Thulsa Doom were attacked in Arallu by a horde of evil dead, one swing of the Golden Sword of the Elder Gods could had fairly dispatched them, but Conan didn't bring it. After Simeon was killed, Red Sonja instead successfully used it against a gang of scavengers[6].
The Golden Sword eventually protected the whole party from a blast of eldritch energy unleashed by the Devourer of Souls, so Conan used it in the final duel against Wraarl. When he finally slew the dread demon with the magical sword in a thunderous explosion of power, the weapon crumbled into the dust from which all things began[7].

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