Stakar Ogord was one of the original Ravagers, an extensive collection of mercenary groups roaming the galaxy and undertaking risky jobs for money. He personally rescued Yondu Udonta, one of his original crewmates, from a life of slavery to the Kree. He eventually had a falling out with Yondu, now a Ravager captain, who once had gone against the Ravager code by trafficking children. Years later, Stakar confronted his former friend during a chance meeting on Contraxia. Stakar asserted that Yondu should not consider himself a Ravager because of his betrayal of the code, and then left in disgust.

Shortly thereafter, he learned that Yondu had sacrificed himself in an effort to save the entire galaxy, an act of heroism that effectively atoned for the trafficking of children. Stakar then called for Ravager ships to assemble from all across the galaxy to form a Ravager funeral for their former comrade. Motivated by Yondu's sacrifice, Stakar got his old crew back together - Martinex, Charlie-27, Aleta, Mainframe, and Krugarr.[1]

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