Appearing in "Motown Madness (Part II)"

Featured Characters:

  • Stalkers
    • Kevin (Death)
    • Mike Fowler (Main story and flashback); (Death)
    • Ed (Death)
    • Hanna (Death)

Supporting Characters:

  • Yolanda (Main story and flashback)
  • Jessica
  • Colonel Carter Tiernan


  • Julia (Death)
  • Bill (Death)
  • Frank Studeman (Death)

Other Characters:

  • Crazy Teddy
  • Cacklemore
  • Mary-Lynn Studeman (Corpse)
  • Wesley


  • Detroit
    • Crazy Teddy's Car Dealership



Synopsis for "Motown Madness (Part II)"

The Stalker anti-terrorist team from Detroit is really in a fix! Not only do they have to stop terrorists from exploding two nuclear devices, they also have to prevent a corporate plot to overthrow the government!

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