Stallior was one of the Inhumans who fought on Maximus' side during his coup against Black Bolt and helped Maximus escape in a spaceship with other supporters.[3]

During their trial, Stallior turned against his fellow conspirators. Still, he was exiled along with them.[1]


Apparently, he was allowed to return, as he was later tasked with guarding the imprisoned Maximus[4]. He was then brainwashed by Leonus who had been struck by a Kree mind-control device to free Maximus from his prison, allowing him to round up half of the Inhumans to return them to the Kree.[5]

Leonus, Stallior and Falcona were brainwashed by Maximus into being members of the Crimson Cadre who were also under his thrall.[6]




Like the rest of the Inhumans, Stallior has a weak immune system.


Stallior is shown to wield a ball-tipped flail and a circular shield.

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