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Personal History

Quote1 I'm no prophet, but I'm guessing that comic books will always be strong. I don't think anything can really beat the pure fun and pleasure of holding a magazine in your hand, reading the story on paper, being able to roll it up and put it in your pocket, reread again later, show it to a friend, carry it with you, toss it on a shelf, collect them, have a lot of magazines lined up and read them again as a series. I think young people have always loved that. I think they always will. Quote2
—Stan Lee (Brandweek, May 2000)
Stan Lee e Lou Ferrigno

Lou Ferrigno & Stan Lee

Stanley Martin Lieber (he would later change his name to Stan Lee) was born on December 28, 1922, to Celia and Jack Lieber. His ancestry is Ashkenazi Jewish. The first issue that Stan Lee ever wrote was Captain America Comics #3.

He wanted to leave around the time he wrote the Fantastic Four. The only reason that he wrote the book was because his wife told him "Do it your way. The worst they can do is fire you. And you want to quit anyways!"[1]

Stan Lee died on November 12, 2018 at 9:17 AM after being rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.[2] The cause of death was heart and respiratory failure.[3]

Professional History



Stanley Lieber arrived at Marvel when Martin Goodman hired him. Stan was originally an assistant for Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, and wrote a written story for Captain America Comics #3, but changed his name to 'Stan Lee' as he didn't want his name on comic books. He wanted to be a book writer, and not have his name published on comics - something society looked down on back then. He eventually lead to create superheroes like The Destroyer, became Editor-in-Chief and led the company through its worst times.

He was the co-creator of popular characters such as the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the X-Men, Daredevil, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, the Avengers, and many more. One of his last creations was She-Hulk.


As a major figure of the pop-culture, Stan Lee has featured in many cameos for various creations more or less related to the super-heroes and comics universes.

Movie Cameos[]

Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance in most of the films based on Marvel Comics since 2000's X-Men. The following is a list of Stan Lee's cameos:

Series Cameos[]

Video Games Cameos[]


The Simpsons[]

Stan Lee is popular yet not recurrent in The Simpsons:

  • Stan Lee made an appearance in an episode of The Simpsons entitled "I am Furious Yellow" in which Bart creates a comic turned web-cartoon called Angry Dad, which is based on his rageaholic father Homer. The episode itself contains many references to several comic book characters. When he first entered the store, Comic Book Guy was extremely excited, stating that his heart was "beating like Thor's hammer on Doctor Doom's titanium infused faceplate." However, Stan Lee refuses to leave and starts rearranging things in Comic Book Guy's store, making him believe that "his mind is no longer in mint condition." An example of this is when he breaks a customer's Batmobile by cramming an action figure of the Thing into it, putting X-Men comics in front of Superman's on a comic book rack while humming the Spider-Man theme song, and claiming he is the Hulk when Homer, covered entirely in green paint and wearing nothing but broken blue pants, is seen rampaging through Springfield after becoming overcome by rage, of which Comic Book Guy remarks that Lee can't even turn into Bill Bixby, which makes reference to the Incredible Hulk TV series. Lee says he really did it once, and Comic Book Guy replies that he believes him but only wishes he had the power to leave his store. Lee was seen again in "Worst Episode Ever" in a picture on Comic Book Guy's banned for life wall alongside Nelson Muntz, Sideshow Bob, Bart, Milhouse, and Matt Groening. Stan Lee made another guest appearance in the 25th season of the show "Married to the Blob", where he is the Comic Book Guy's imaginations, where he encouraged to get in a relationship with Kimiko and and the real version is at the stop getting the newest issue of Radioactive Man. He later appeared as the officiator of Comic Book Guy and Kimiko's wedding. He appeared in Season 28 cameo, "The Caper Chase" couch gag, where the Simpsons assembles at the couch as X-Men, before Stan arrived and commented that there's nothing too short he can't cameo.
  • He also appeared in The Simpsons Comics "The death of Comic Book Guy part 1" as the only guest at his funeral aside the Simpsons and was kicked out by the Priest.

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