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One of the most beloved figures of Earth, Stan Lee frequently found himself in danger despite his wide assortment of powers. [1] [2] [3]

Stan Lee helped spot Captain America at a gym. When Nick Fury arrived at the gym, Steve and Fury worked on constructing various aparatus for Steve to train, knocking Stan out in the process. [2]

For reasons unknown he was one of the villains Doom hired and was later seen escaping The Raft with Carnage and Red Skull.[1]

Stan as the Excelsior Hulk

During one of his many perilous encounters, Stan Lee drank a drink which was infected with Gamma Radiation, transforming him into the monstrous Excelsior Hulk, causing him to go on a rampage until he was stopped by a nearby bystander[1]. Stan was later able to freely transform to and from this Hulk form. [1] [2]



  • Regenerative Healing Factor, Adamantium Skeleton and Claws (from Wolverine)
  • Can Transform into a Hulk, complete with limitless strength. (from Hulk)
  • Stretching and Grappling (from Mister Fantastic)
  • Web Swinging, Web Balls, Spider-sense, Web Grappling, Wall-Crawling, Organic Webbing (from Spider-Man)
  • Flame Vision. (A combination of Human Torch's flame powers and Cyclops's optic blasts)
  • Telekinesis, mind control, telepathy, Rune Tracing, teleportation, time manipulation. (from both Jean Grey and Dr. Strange))
  • Magnetic powers. (from Magneto)
  • Accelerated speed, up to superhuman levels. (from Quicksilver)
  • Chi manipulation. (from Iron Fist)
  • Shooting Hammers out of his hands.


  • Stan Lee is a skilled user of technology, and is able to access both SHIELD and HYDRA computer systems.


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