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During the race for the cosmic bricks, Stan Lee was constantly caught in extreme danger which required the heroes to save him. For reasons unknown he was one of the villains Doom hired and was later seen escaping The Raft with Carnage and Red Skull.[1]


  • Regenerative Healing Factor, Adamantium Skeleton and Claws (from Wolverine)
  • Can Transform into a Hulk, complete with limitless strength. (from Hulk)
  • Stretching and Grappling (from Mister Fantastic)
  • Web Swinging, Web Balls, Spider-sense, Web Grappling, Wall-Crawling, Organic Webbing (from Spider-Man and Daredevil)
  • Flame Vision. (A combination of Human Torch's flame powers and Cyclops's optic blasts)
  • Telekinesis, mind control, telepathy, Rune Tracing, teleportation, time manipulation. (from both Jean Grey and Dr. Strange))
  • Magnetic powers. (from Magneto)
  • Accelerated speed, up to superhuman levels. (from Quicksilver)
  • Chi manipulation. (from Iron Fist)
  • Shooting Hammers out of his hands.


  • Stan Lee is a skilled user of technology, and is able to access both SHIELD and HYDRA computer systems.


Currently, that of a normal human.



  • Bow and pencil

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