Peter Parker was house-sitting for Stan while he was away. Seemingly unaware of the cross-species virus that had been literally destroying New York, Stan angrily called Peter after he found out a large sum of money was charged to his credit card. Stan believed Peter had done this, when in reality, Curt Connors had used the credit card to buy lab equipment to develop a cure for the cross-species virus.


The same as Peter Parker (Earth-TRN376)#Powers

  • Stan appears in a bonus challenge, where he must collect the missing pages of his latest script. Here, he utilizes all of Spider-Man's powers, although it is unknown how.
  • Stan is, of course, based on Stan Lee, the co-creator of Spider-Man.
  • Stan is noted as a writer, and has apparently been in several big-budget blockbuster movies.
    • This is a reference to his real-life counterpart, who was, obviously, a writer for Marvel, and has made cameos in most Marvel movies.
  • Stan is apparently a friend of the Parkers since the '60s. Spider-Man, and all the relating characters, first appeared in the '60s.
  • He also tells Peter that he is living in an "Amazing Fantasy", a reference to the comic series that Spider-Man first appeared in.
  • Stan has a Twitter.[1]

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