Quote1 It always fits, eventually. Quote2
-- Stan Lee src

Stan Lee is a costume shop owner and an old friend of Peter Parker, to which he was grief stricken to hear the news of his friends death.

As the city morns the loss of their hero, Stan gain a ton of customers at his store to buy Spider-Man merchandise. One of them was Miles Morales to whom he expressed his sadness of Peter and his relation to him. The young boy asked if he can return the Spidey costume if it doesn't fit, Stan answered that eventually it always fit, he continues to smile as Miles notices the no refund sign behind Stan.

Later, after Morales' chaotic first encounter with the Peter B. Parker version of Spider-Man, as Morales and Parker fall onto a sidewalk, Stan could be seeing walking by the two while talking on his cell phone, seemingly oblivious.[1]

  • Lee makes several other cameos in the film besides the two appearances noted above. His portrait is seen in Spider-Man's lair (supporting Lee's claim of being a friend), he can be briefly seen observing Morales from a subway car, and Lee provided the voice of the Earth-67 version of J. Jonah Jameson.
  • Up until his death (this film was the first released after his passing), it had been traditional for Lee to make cameo appearances in nearly all productions based upon Marvel Comics characters. Aside from setting a record for the most number of cameos in one film, this was also one of only a handful of occasions in which Lee actually appeared as a character explicitly identified as named Stan.

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