Quote1.png Good luck trying to catch that maniac. Like our state motto says- Excelsior! Quote2.png
-- Senator Lieber src


New York Senator Stanley M. Lieber is a hardworking congressman famed for his genial manner and quirky sense of humor. He is beloved by citizens all around the world and his supporters have been dubbed "True Believers". He is often seen at comic book conventions when he's not on the job, and frequently pushed people out of the way of falling debris. Nick Fury's files state that the Colonel is certain Lieber is using an alias, and that he has seen him somewhere before, he just can't place it.

During the SRA controversy, Lieber was kidnapped by Titanium Man and taken into the subway, where he was pursued by the Ultimate Alliance and Deadpool. During the chase, a food court was blown up and much property damage piled up. The Alliance fought Titanium Man, who fled to the Lincoln Memorial, leaving Lieber behind. The Senator thanked the heroes for rescuing him, claiming that he always did support them. Deadpool escorted him back to safety while the Ultimate Alliance pursued Titanium Man. When Deadpool thought he recognised Lieber from somewhere, the Senator doubted it, claiming that Deadpool wasn't the voting type. [1]


  • Bipartisan Problem-Solving
  • Skilled Negotiator
  • Millitary-Grade Playwright
  • Fluent in multiple languages, including "Fanboy" and "l337"

  • Senator Lieber goes by his birth name, unlike his real world counterpart, Stan Lee, who voiced the character.
  • He utters Lee's famous catch phrase "Excelsior!"

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