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Stane International,[1] formerly known as Stark Industries[5] and Stark International[3] was a manufacturing and engineering company based in the United States of America but operating with worldwide interests. Founded in the 19th Century by Isaac Stark, Sr. and later carried into the Modern Age by members of the Stark family,[13] the company was later subjected to a hostile takeover operated by corporate raider Obadiah Stane under Tony Stark's chairmanship and then renamed Stane International.[1] After Obadiah Stane's death,[14] the company was first controlled by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Executive Board through a Life-Model Decoy of Obadiah Stane,[8] and later acquired by Justin Hammer's Hammer Industries, being finally reabsorbed back by Tony Stark through his new business entity, Stark Enterprises.[7] Stark then ended up shutting down Stane International due to the company's previous illegal activities under Hammer Industries' ownership.[6]


19th Century[]

The company's origins date back to the 19th Century, when Dr. Isaac Stark Sr. turned his manufacturing and engineering concern into a global industrial superpower, developing new technologies that helped to redefine innovative security measures for the industrial age.[12] After Isaac Stark's death, the company passed through several hands, including his son Isaac Stark, Jr. and grandson Howard Stark, Sr.[13][11]

20th Century[]

Stark Industries gained growing prosperity under the leadership of Howard Stark Senior's son, Howard Stark, Jr.,[12] who had obtained full control of the company after his brother, Edward, had sold his shares.[11] Appointed President of Stark Industries,[15] Howard Stark successfully turned the company into the world leader in munitions development, while also branching out into several other scientific fields, including aeronautics, robotics, micro-technology and fringe science; since that, Stark Industries had its corporate offices in the portion of New York City's Queens province located in Long Island.[12]

Hercules was an initial investors in Stark Industries. The original investment was $100,000, but now when the size of the investment was calculated, a second line of zeroes was required.[16]

In early 1960s,[17] Howard Stark helped founding a global espionage agency named S.H.I.E.L.D., with Stark Industries providing weapons, munitions, technology and vehicles, including the agency's mobile headquarters, known as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.[18]

Howard relied upon the genius of his adopted son, Anthony, for many of the company's advancements, even appointing him Vice President of Development. Tony, however, demonstrated little interest in Stark Industries' day-to-day management, and industrial rival Republic Oil & Gas Company, in order to have Tony selling them his shares, arranged for the death of Howard and Maria Stark in a car accident. Tony, sole heir to his father's assets, was promoted to President, taking full control of Stark Industries and refusing Republic Oil's selling offer.[19]

Modern Age[]

Stark Industries (Earth-616) from Tales of Suspense Vol 1 48 001

Tony Stark then continued to aggressively develop new technologies and innovations, leading Stark Industries to become a major contractor for both corporate and government concerns. While personally overseeing the using of his manufactured munitions and weapons by the U.S. Army in the Middle East,[20] Tony Stark was nearly killed by an exploding land mine; captured by some revolutionary terrorists, he was saved by scientist Ho Yinsen, a fellow prisoner. Stark then developed a suit of sturdy body armor that not only saved his injured heart, but also enabled him to escape imprisonment. Upon returning to the United States, Tony modified the crude battlesuit, ultimately building what would soon become the recognizable armor of Iron Man.[9][20]

Back in the United States, Tony proudly kept Stark Industries running, employing Virginia 'Pepper' Potts as his personal Executive Assistant and ex-boxer Harold 'Happy' Hogan as chauffeur. Requiring the Iron Man Armor's chest plate (actually an Arc Reactor) to being kept alive, Stark introduced Iron Man as its bodyguard, starting to fund and finance the Avengers' activities (a superheroes group which he, as Iron Man, had founded), even setting his family's Manhattan manor as the Avengers' headquarters, known as the Avengers Mansion.[19] Stark also maintained his father's contract with S.H.I.E.L.D., producing equipment, weapons and vehicles for the organization, eventually becoming part of its Supreme International Council as Head of Special Weapons Division.[21][22]

Under Tony Stark's leadership, Stark Industries had several lucrative contracts with many financial institutions, but, despite his skill as an inventor and businessman, Stark's playboy image didn't sit well with many military and political figures, including senator Harrington Byrd, who frequently clashed with Tony over how he ran Stark Industries and performed under government contracts.[23]

Stark International[]

After driving the company to new heights year after year, Tony Stark eventually suffered a crisis of conscience and declared that Stark would no longer produce weapons for S.H.I.E.L.D., the Government, or any other parties.[24] As Stark Industries continued to change its public persona and strengthened the corporation's foreign interests, it became known as Stark International.[3]

Stane International[]

As part of his ongoing efforts to destroy Tony Stark, corporate raider Obadiah Stane brought Stark International to the edge of financial ruin. On top of the physical and psychological torments heaped upon him, Tony was eventually bought out by Stane, and Stark International was renamed in favor of its new owner.[1]

After Obadiah Stane's downfall and death,[14] the S.H.I.E.L.D. Executive Board ended up controlling the company through an advanced Life-Model Decoy of Stane.[8] The company was then acquired by Tony Stark's rival Justin Hammer's Hammer Industries, and later reabsorbed back by Tony Stark's latest corporate entity, Stark Industries, after Tony forced Justin Hammer to turn the assets back over to him. Stane International then became a subsidiary of Stark Enterprises.[7]

Stark Enterprises later shut down Stane International due to its previous illegal activities performed while under Justin Hammer's ownership.[6]

Executive Staff[]

Stark Industries[]

Stark International[]

Stane International[]

Locations and Facilities[]

Stark Industries (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 12 001

Map of Stark Industries' Long Island Headquarters

Other Properties[]

Subsidiaries and Divisions[]

Technology Developed[]

  • Lightweight Mortars - Tony Stark provided lightweight mortars to the US Army in Tales of Suspense #39 for use in Vietnam. They look suspiciously like M-79 Grenade Launchers.
  • Jet-Powered Roller Skates - Collapsible skates that can be clamped to the sole of a boot with an ordinary skate key and are driven by miniature transistorized motors. They were developed for use by the US Military. It was envisioned that an entire infantry division equipped with these could transport itself along the highway at up to 60 mph without the use of trucks. Demonstrated to the US Army in Tales of Suspense #40.
  • Atomic Naval Cannons - Designed to fire a nuclear salvo more than 500 miles, revolutionizing battleship firepower. (Mentioned in Tales of Suspense #41)
  • Flesh-Healing Serum - Serum that closes any open wound in two seconds with synthetic liquid tissue. (Mentioned in Tales of Suspense #41)
  • Radiation Resistant alloy - Material capable of resisting radiation for use in space capsules. (Mentioned in Tales of Suspense #41)
  • Burp Guns - .50 Caliber sub-machine guns capable of firing explosive cartridges at rates of up to 1,000 spm. (Mentioned in Tales of Suspense #41)
  • Disintegrator Ray - Flashlight-sized device capable of projecting a ray that could instantaneously vaporize a two-foot thick section of reinforced concrete wall. Prototype demonstrated to the US Army in Tales of Suspense #42.
  • Y-69 Rocket - An experimental three-man rocket first tested in Tales of Suspense #46.
  • Anti-Gravity Ray - Experimental device capable of negating the effects of gravity around whatever its beam hit. Was powerful enough to lift an entire factory off of its foundation! Demonstrated to the Department of Defense, then stolen by the Black Widow in Tales of Suspense #53. The only working model was destroyed by Iron Man.
  • Observer Missiles - Remotely controlled missiles equipped with surveillance equipment. Used by the US Military to take pictures behind enemy lines in Vietnam in Tales of Suspense #54.
  • Uranus II Rocket - seen in Tales of Suspense #60.
  • Moon Missile - Prototype rocket seen in Tales of Suspense #63.
  • Mangler Missile - Anti-Missile missile attaches itself to an enemy missile, taking control of it. First tested in Tales of Suspense #65.
  • Mini-Submarine - A one-man scout sub that can out run and out flank almost any torpedo. First tested by Iron Man in Tales of Suspense #66. Destroyed during battle between Iron Man and Attuma.
  • Jupiter Landing Vehicle - code named JLV for use on the surface and gravity of the planet Jupiter. Debuted in Iron Man #116.

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