Carving in the Mountains of Madness of the Old Ones arriving on Earth

These Old Ones were a species of beings that came from the stars and settled on Earth, where they built cities, at least at the Mountains of Madness, in Leng.[1]

They are to be distinguished from other groups and races of beings known as the Old Ones, foremostly the Great Old Ones.


Carving in the Mountains of Madness of the Old Ones losing or relinquishing use of their wings


The star-headed, barrel-like bodied, winged and tentacled Old Ones, an Elder Race came from the stars, down to Earth, and either folded up or lost their wings.[1]

Carving of the Shoggoths in the Mountains of Madness killing the Old Ones

Life on Earth

Served by their slaves, the Shoggoths, huge tentacled lumps or blobs (later known as Tekeli-li), the Old Ones built a gigantic city in what was known during the Hyborian Age as the Mountains of Madness, in Leng.

Those Old Ones seemingly lost of their skill at the time they built a second city nearby.

Eventually, the Shoggoths killed their masters.[1]

Hyborian Age

When Conan, Bêlit and the Black Corsairs were in hiding from Ghomli, on the isle with local princess Ta-No, they were captured by Ta-No's tribesmen, and discovered during their brief time there carvings, as well as a perfectly conserved specimen. They were then attacked by a live Shoggoth, but managed to wound or kill it and flee out.[1]


Cultural Traits: The Old Ones carved their history onto the walls of their buildings.

They were seemingly served by the Shoggoths, huge tentacled lumps or blobs.[1]



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