The Star Child was the illegitimate son of Ken Connell and his girlfriend Maddie "The Duck" Felix. Conceived while Connell wielded the Star Brand, he was born fully possessed and conscious of its power, growing at an extremely accelerated rate both physically and mentally due to its influence. [citation needed]

He was much more selfless than his father, and had a much more instinctual grasp of the Star Brand and how to use it, but was at first painfully ignorant of the ways of the world. After several naive attempts to improve the world through direct use of his power, he retreated to space to meditate for an extended time on how best to use his power. Eventually, he realized that the Star Brand was a cosmic anomaly and no good could come of its continued existence. [citation needed]

Soon after he formulated and enacted a plan to seal its power away forever by gathering all the bearers of the power and locking them in a loop of time. However, the Star Child neglected to isolate the power which had accidentally been transferred to pilot Jim Hanrahan, who later, when Quasar was blasted into the New Universe, transferred his portion of the power to Quasar. [citation needed]


Seemingly those of Kenneth Connell (Earth-148611)#Powers.

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