The Star Stone was a fragment from a forgotten star, a meteoric fragment.[2]

From the Star Stone was forged the Star Sword, a steel sword imbued with the powers of the Nineteen Gods, and offered by Father Gorm to Lord Thungarth in Nemedis, one of the cities of the First Men, in Lemuria, besieged by the Dragon Kings. With the Star Sword, Thungarth defeated the Dragon Kings at Grimstrand Firth, but died during the battle, his sword broken.[1]

Ages later, almost half a million years ago, the Star Stone was in possession of the Archdruid Yelim Pelorvis, who also knew it as the Sacred Talisman, and lied in the Scarlet Tower of Tsargol, guarded by Slorgs, Serpent-Women. In order to destroy the remaining Dragon Kings, Sharajsha of Zaar petitioned the help of the Valkarthan warrior Thongor. On their quest, they needed to acquire the Star Stone to forge a new Star Sword. Using the Nemedis, a flying craft, Thongor infiltrated the Scarlet Tower, fought the Slorgs, and managed to secure the Star Stone, but was captured and brought before Drugunda Thal and the sark of Tsargol, Drugunda Thal. Thongor refused to disclose the location of the Stone, and was sentenced to death in the arena.[1]

Escaping with new companions aboard the Nemedis, the crew set out to the next step of the quest: dip a fragment of the Star Stone into the Eternal Fire in the crypts of Yamath, in Patanga. Sharajsha halved the Star Stone using a diamonds-edged blade. Hovering the Nemedis over Patanga, Sharajsha and Thongor infiltrated the crypt, and were able to tamper the Star Stone. They were spotted by yellow druids and guards. As Thongor battled them, Sharajsha molded the Star Stone fragment into the second Star Sword.[2]


  • The Star Stone was created by Lin Carter in "Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria" (1965).

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