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Star Wars (1977)
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Type: Ongoing Series (Team)
Genre: Science fiction
Featuring: Star Wars
Status: Finished
Publication Date: July, 1977—July, 2019
108 issues • 128 images • 1 annual • 108 reprinted issues • 5 TPB editionsNext Volume Red Next-icon


  • Along with the release of the movie Star Wars in 1977, Marvel released a comic version of the movie (Episode IV: A New Hope) over 6 issues. They then continued the story where the movie left off for another 101 issues (107 total). The Empire Strikes Back was adapted as part of those 101 issues, but Star Wars Return of the Jedi was a distinct miniseries.
  • The license for publishing Star Wars comics was owned by Dark Horse Comics exclusively from 1991 to 2014. Marvel's comics in this series were eventually republished in volumes called Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago... by Dark Horse.
  • Marvel re-obtained the license after Disney's purchase of the franchise, and returned to publishing Star Wars comics in early 2015. Dark Horse's existing Star Wars comics were uploaded to Marvel Unlimited and re-labeled under the new Star Wars: Legends banner (meaning they are not a part of Disney's continuity), with the exception of Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir, which was based on a script for the canonical Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode that was never produced. Marvel's logo and copyright information replace Dark Horse's in the MDCU versions of these comics.