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Appearing in "Book I: Skywalker Strikes, Part II"

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Synopsis for "Book I: Skywalker Strikes, Part II"

Princess Leia is leading a covert operation to attack Empire infrastructure on Cymoon 1 which is said to be the largest weapons manufacturing facility in the entire Empire. During the operation, Luke stumbles upon a group of prisoners set to be enslaved. Luke releases them and heads back to the rendezvous with the Millennium Falcon. On the way, he encounters Darth Vader who has arrived on Cymoon 1 in response to the Rebel operation. Luke tries to take on Vader in a light sabre duel. During the fight, Vader disarms Luke of his light sabre; a sabre he appears to recognise. Before he can do anything, the huge leg of an AT-AT crashes through the ceiling. The AT-AT is being piloted by Leia and Han.

The distraction gives an opportunity to try and escape with the freed slaves. The situation becomes desperate with the escapees being cut down by Empire forces. Han, still piloting the AT-AT tries to relieve the situation.

Back at the Falcon, C3-PO encounters some ‘locals’ who seem intent to try and dismantle the Falcon for salvage. C3-PO whilst trying to surrender, is blasted.

Back at the factory, the fight continues. Luke commandeers a speeder bike to try and make it back to Leia and Han which piques the interest of Vader who figures he might have been “too hasty” in dismissing Luke’s crude ability in the use of the force during their duel. The AT-AT bears down on Vader with Han trying to use it to crush Vader. Vader is able to use the force on the AT-AT to deflect the machine’s leg. R2-D2, who has been trying to repair the AT-AT’s blasters, finally gets them online whereupon Han lets loose on Vader. The resulting conflagration causes Vader to release his hold on the AT-AT and allows Luke others to put some distance between themselves and the Imperial forces.

Vader recovers from the blast. He receives a report from facility overseer Agaadeen that the facility power core is approaching a meltdown. Vader refuses his request to abandon the facility ordering the rebels to be stopped at all costs, remarking that he will take care of Luke personally.

Solicit Synopsis


• The Rebel assault on Cymoon 1 continues!

• Luke Skywalker – cornered by Darth Vader!

• Han, Leia, and the others – trapped!

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