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Quote1.png Apologies, Roberto. But I'm in no mood for pleasantries. I have communed with your "camerabots"... you sent them to spy on Kevin and myself, because you do not trust us with the power of the Starbrand. But we have gone to great lengths to create our own independent lives. Our successes and our failings will be our own... we do not require supervision. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Eternity's Children (Attend University) - Chapter Six: Evaluation"

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Synopsis for "Eternity's Children (Attend University) - Chapter Six: Evaluation"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

• Time for Starbrand’s final evaluation: Does he survive or place out of existence, once and for all? It’s Starbrand vs. Libra. Also Nightmask vs. Cipher! And for good measure, Starbrand vs. Starbrand!

• All this, plus a major step forward in Kevin’s relationship with Imani Greene!

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