Real Name: Stakar Vaughn Ogord
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Former Aliases: No known former aliases
Other Current Aliases: Starhawk


Occupation: Adventurer
Legal Status: Legal status unknown
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Divorced
Group Affiliation: Guardians of the Galaxy
Base of Operations: Arcturus IV


Place of Birth: Vesper
Known Relatives: Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) (alleged father), Kismet (alleged mother), Aleta (ex-wife), Ogord (adoptive father), Tara, Sita, John (children, deceased)
First Appearance: Defenders #27
Origin Stakar is cursed to relive his life over and over.


Stakar apparently must live his life over and over. During this lifetime he was abducted from his parents. Left on Arcturus IV, he was adopted by Ogord. He later married Ogord's daughter Aleta.

Due to an accident, he was merged with Aleta and became Starhawk. They fled Ogord and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Even as he makes changes to his life, his memories seem to change. Although he enjoys being part of the Guardians, he seems to only be concerned with himself. He forcibly remerged with Aleta to keep himself alive.


Height: x'xx"
Weight: xxx lbs (xxx kg)
Eyes: Eye colour unknown
Hair: Hair colour unknown
Unusual Features: No unusual features


Known Powers: Precognition.

As Starhawk, Stakar can fly at lightspeed and use cosmic energy. He is more powerful when merged with Aleta.
Known Abilities: No known abilities.
Strength Level: Strength level unknown


Equipment: No known equipment.
Transportation: No known transportation.
Weapons: No known weapons.


  • No special notes.


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